I was supposed to do some lowlights on my hair yesterday with this black hairdye I had at home.
Problem was it didn't become black and when I rinsed it out the blue based black dye just spread all over leaving me a result of blue, green and grey tones matching the light brown color on the top of my head...
Complete failure! I decided to try once again and ended up with a black bottom, but otherwise, the same color gradation.
It's not THAT bad, but I rather go outside in another color so hopefully I can re-dye it this weekend.. 

Now I'm gonna go eat something cuz I'm starving!! 



Back on track

This "blog break" has probably been one of my longest. And the worst thing is - I had no choice but accepting it. Since I didn't have a computer, nor a phone the last couple of months I just had to get used being away from the internet. 
Though, being away from the internet this much actually was a good thing, or at least it feels like it because I was forced to come up with other things to do instead and I have been feeling much more social these months than in many years.

Most people probably don't know, but I decided on a really short notice to leave Japan and move back to Sweden for a while. It's not that I don't want to live and work in Japan but because of all bad luck I had the past 6months (or even more) resulted in nothing else but crazy inconvenience that left me totally stranded without any chance to turn the situation around - I decided to go back to Sweden to build a new ground for myself so I can come back even stronger.

So I came back to Sweden at dec17 which was nice since I was able to celebrate Christmas with my dearest family! And I got to see my cats again^^
I also got my new phone - finally! Today I finished the cover I started to make yesterday evening. Think it turned out pretty ok ;)

Nothing has changed here really... it's the same small town with the same people and the same teenage drama that seem to have existed forever. Bittersweet but nice at the same time. But it feels nice to be back even though I'm planning on going back to Japan to find a job as soon as possible. 

This is one of a few pictures that I managed to save from Japan, pretty much everything was lost with my old phone that I lost a few moths back. Luckily all the memories still lives on^^

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year as well!

See you soon!


Everything at the same time..

Sometimes you're unlucky.. and sometimes you're just extremely unlucky. I've been away from the blog for a while -again- and it's because that shortly after I lost my phone my computer decided to retire. I don't have money to buy a new one at the moment so I guess I'll just try to manage without it for a while. At least I'm fortunate enough to have nice friends that are willing to borrow me their computers sometimes. Hopefully I get my new phone this week so I at least can update from there.. and also get back on track with instagram and such. 

Sorry to keep you waiting again :C



Lost my iPhone

I bet you didn't miss out on the release of iPhone5s and 5c this fall. To be honest I tried to ignore the new releases because I feel like as soon as I get a new phone there'll always be some other that I want even more being released shortly after..
Though I must say that even though I was so unlucky loosing my iPhone4 I was lucky to loose it at this excellent timing. This just made a good reason for changing to 5s - and the other day I did. The fact that I have to wait a whole month for my new golden companion is a little bit nerve-wracking because of the inconvenience not having a cell.. but maybe I'll go get a pre-paid number next week so I think I'll manage.

This is the first time I ever loose a cell phone and before I hadn't really been thinking of how horrible it could be. Thanks to iCloud and iTunes I'm able to restore most data though.. but I still have a lot of pictures (memories) in there that I'm not sure if I'm gonna be able to get back :(((

I'll just be more careful next time!!

And tomorrow I'll graduate from my college!! WOHOOPPIDOO!


Working with finals

Hallooo everyone!
I'm blogging from my phone tonight so that's why this entry may look a little bit different than the other ones.
I really should blog from my phone more often because it's so easy and also allows me to blog wherever I am. For your information I'm in bed right now too lazy to get up to turn on the computer and transfer pictures and stuff so that's why I'm on my phone ;) 
But after all it's past 1AM so I guess that's forgivable? ;3

Anyway I went to school today to continue on my final project. Really hate it but at least I'm beginning to see an end of it so I guess that makes the work a little more fun. And I HAVE TO see an end of it because I have to turn it in on Friday. Then I'll just have to wait for my teachers to decide wether they'd let me graduate or not, haha. Though I went to the teachers office today and heard someone say that they already decided to let me do so.. Let's just hope for the best^^

Tomorrow I'm gonna put on the last details. Wish me luck :D

Also have been drawing a lot lately in hope of improving my skills. I really have ups and downs about drawing, sometimes I can go several months without drawing but sometimes when I pick it up again I feel like I can do better. I guess a long break paid off this time!


Back after the break

Hello everyone!

I had some ups and downs the past few months and a really long and unexpected break from the blog, but now I'm back feeling a lot more inspired to continue posting. Some of you might have given up waiting for me to post, but thanks a lot to you who didn't, it means a lot to me.

Last time I posted was during Golden Week, which means it's been like three months since last time and to be honest I haven't been taking a lot of pictures since then. Except the ones I took with my cell phone. But at least I still have some pictures from the GW trip to show you.

Maybe you remember I said that me and my friend were going on a trip but had not yet decided where to go? After a lot of thinking of where to go we actually came up with a plan and went to Sea World in Kamogawa! I have been there once before, but since I love the sea and it's animal life (especially orcas and dolphins) I was more than excited to go back^^

We had a hard time finding a vacant car to rent since the rental car companies are really really busy during the holidays. But after a few hours calling to different places we got our car and could finally begin the 2-3hours drive from Tokyo to Kamogawa.

The next challange was a bit harder. We actually arrived in Kamogawa pretty late. I don't remember exactly, but I think it was around or after midnight and we still had not found a place to stay. So from a parking lot close to Sea World we started another calling session to all the hotels we could find on the internet but none of them had a vacant room.. except one that happened to be about a 40min drive from where we were. But we had no choice but accepting it since we couldn't find anywhere else to stay.

So we got to the hotel and hurried to go to sleep since we were waking up early the following morning to be at the gates around 11AM. It was a really nice morning, it was warm and the sun was shining. Also our hotel was in the countryside so the air felt so fresh comparing to Tokyo. When we got to the park it was even nicer. Since it's by the sea the air is awesome and you can feel the smell of salt water which I looooove!

Cutest baby sea turtle in the lagoon inside the aquarium^^

This walrus baby was the most adorable little creature ever! It was kinda playful and constantly tried to climb the bigger animals, then it got closer to the edge of the cliff, tripped on it's own feet and stumbled into the water where it disappeared for a while and I almost thought it had drowned.. but luckily it came back up to the surface after a while with his big mummy on it's side (*-*)

We watched a few shows as well and ofcourse I was most exited about the orca show, but I guess that because of the lack of space they couldn't make it as spectacular as they want and even though I'm always really excited and moved by watching these creatures up close I can't help feeling sorry for them having such tiny space to move around in..

But still it was nice to get away from Tokyo even for just two days to see the ocean, amazing animals and also driving cross moutains and country side. I guess you miss it more when you live in a big city.

Also found these pictures of me I was about to upload next to the video in my last post, but I never had the time since I was in a hurry at the time so I'll just upload it now!

It feels good to be back to blogging and I hope to see you again soon!


Hiiii! I'm in a real hurry to meet up a friend, but here's a quick video update! Can't believe it's been like 2years since I made a videopost..

Anw, have a nice weekend everyone!! LOVE!




Today I havn't been up to anything special. Just sitting here enjoying the last hours of this Sunday. Though I'm really excited to get back to school tomorrow!
I also did some economic organizing.. or at least I tried by writing down everything I bought this month. I usually don't do this but lately I came to realize that it's a lot easier to plan the coming month if I do. This will deffinately be a regular thing for me..
Last friday I had my first gel nail art class. It was so much fun, I can't wait until next friday! I also got most of the tools and materials I ordered. So happy we get a real discount through school, or else I would never afford it. Also got a UV lamp so I can practice at home as well. 
But I won't talk more about nails today.. I was just thinking about uploading some pictures I took the other day when I had a lazy day at home.. seems that those lazy days results in me taking a lot of pictures of myself.. lol.

Also find some pictures that I was supposed to upload a million years ago, but never did.. I don't remembered what I did that day, but I do remembered I had a hard time deciding on which one of the tops I should wear. I ended up with the outfit at the right.

Now I have to go back to my economic organizing, haha. I just thought it might be easier putting everything into the computer because I'm really bad keeping track of all these papers and documents and stuff that's laying around. And everytime you need them you have to turn the whole room upside down before you find them. Usually turns out they were very much visible from the really start, haha.

See you!


Pixie dust!!

Hello everyone!
As you know I'm having a hard time coming up with things to blog about.. but since my friend Sofia suggested I could just blog about whatever I do everyday I figured that's what I'm gonna do.. or keep on doing. 
Though I haven't been up to anything that exciting lately.. haha.

I usually wake up around noon these days.. for no reason actually.. I can't tell if it's because I'm extremely lazy or if I'm really exhausted. Maybe both xD

Last week, however, I decided to have a little spa time for my contacts because I realized some of them could really need some care after not being used in a long while. So after I cleaned out every single case and filled them with new liquid I also washed and rubbed every single lens so they're fresh and clean for use at any time.
You may think I'm usually not keeping them clean or change the liquid, but that's not the case, haha. It's just that when you have so many pairs to choose from but still have some favorites, you usually end up using those you like the most and then forget about the others for a long time (at least I do). That's when they end up not getting taken care of or getting the liquid changed - which actually has to be done every now and then even if they're stored in their cases all the time. I don't know why but the liquid tends to get thick and cloudy (?) after a while even if you cleaned the lenses and changed liquid just before you store them. 
Someone else had this "problem"?
Anyway they're super fresh now - as good as new^^

I also tried out some new things lately that I thought about sharing with you guys..

You may already seen or tried out this kind of tattoos before but for me it was the first time and I really liked it^^ They start out with transfering the design you want to the skin with some kind of inked paper.. I may sound totally lost about this - and in fact I am since I haven't got any real tattoos either. Anyway, when it's there they simply fill in all the contures with some glue and then they spread PIXIE DUST all over it :D The result is so cute and you don't even have to worry about it coming off in the shower (as long as you don't rub it too hard). First I though the glue was similar to eyelash glue, haha... but apparently not because it lasts so much longer. It actually stays on for about 2 weeks if you're careful with it!

This was just a sample they did in a restaurant so they only had small motives at the time, but I'd love to try out something bigger if I get the oppurtunity. Obviously it's nothing I would pay for if there's no special event, but still I think it was fun and cute. And you can get it with rhinestones too!!^^
The second thing is this facial cream from Sulwhasso I got as a present from a Korean friend who came to Japan on a bussiness trip last week. I didn't expect him to buy something for me so that was a really sweet gesture^^
It's a firming cream so it's basically for restoring healthy looking skin. I can't say I have seen any differences yet, but maybe I will, we'll see ;) It contains ginseng, honey, licorice and citrus extracts so at least it smells nice^^

From tomorrow I'm also taking nail art classes in school and hell yeah I'm excited! I wanted to take this class last year but since I figured it'd be better to take interior related classes (which is my major after all) I simply just let go of the nails. Though now, when I've taken all the interior classes I wanted I decided to give it a go. I really hope I can improve, so wish me luck!^


I wanna blog so bad lately but my brain refuses to give me any good ideas of what's interesting blogging about and what's not. I had a morikata post that I started on a while ago but it doesn't feel up to date anymore...

My mum was here for my graduation a couple of weeks ago. To bad I wasn't able to graduate since I failed my graduation project. So now I have to stay in school for another 6months. I guess that's pretty mych all that's new at the moment and it feels so boring now that my mum has gone back home. 

I'm trying to entertain myself doing new nails but I cannot seem to come up with any nice designs for them.. gaah, haha. But I guess I'll upload some pictures of them when they're done anw.

So I guess this was just a quick update on how bored I am right now, lol. I wanna go back to regularly blogging again, it's been ages.