Sofia&Kiwi in Japan +StarCafe event

Hey everyone!

I bet you wonder where I've been gone to the past few weeks. Mostly I've been busy with school and I take every single chance I get to work on the posts I have been talking about writing. Though - to be honest - I'm kinda stuck right now..

But anyway.. Sofia and Kiwi had a trip to Japan again this year so we decided to meet up for some chatting and purikura. My classmate Itoh joined us as well and I had a really great time.. too bad we only had time to meet once. But that's still better than not at all :3

Here are some of the purikuras we took that night. And since Halloween was around the corner there was a lot of Halloween themed stickers to use for decorating^^

In one of the booths we had to pick a group name but we couldn't come up with anything that was short enough to fit the limited amount of characters.. that's when I came up with this random "Mumumu" ...don't ask xD


Too bad I didn't take so many pictures.. kinda try not to use my phone camera too much since it's so bad quality, but at least I managed to snap this photo of Sofia, Kiwi and Itoh at the game center^^

And this picture is actually stolen from Sofia's facebook :3 (hope you don't mind sweetie:*)
This is such an offshot of me... I overslept for school so I ended up just wrapping my hair into a dango, then I was off to school all day and me and Itoh had to hurry a lot after coming back from it so I didn't had any time to do anything about it (;___;) at least I was wearing makeup.. could have been worse^^ lol

Well well. After the purikura we went to see some other Swedes at another izakaya but didn't stay for too long since Sofia and Kiwi had to head back to the hotel (which was actually rediculously close to my house!). Me and Itoh followed them half way back before we headed off to StarCafe to see some friends. It was Itoh's first time at StarCafe and she seemed a little bit nervous at first but got along with everybody just fine, which made me happy too :3

All girls lined up^^ Sorry for the crappy cell phone quality (;___;)

Actually these are the people I hang out with mostly nowadays and this week I finally had enough time to go watch a live AND take part in the uchiage (afterparty) afterwards. 
It was a StarCafe event so the bands playing were mostly bands that includes the bar staff. Anti feminism, Hagakure, Jack'you and Shedia was a few of the bands that played. 

I really enjoyed the live and it was really nice to finally see my friends perform^^ Though I was a little bit scared by all the crushed glass, fire and blood during Anti feminism, haha.

The uchiage was so much fun too! The place was crowded but the more the merrier ;)
Here's some pictures I took that night.. again with crappy quality so please forgive me :(

So that's a few things that I've been up to besides school. Speaking of school.. I really don't want to think about how busy I'm gonna be from like next week until graduation. But I'll do my best to keep everything up!

Hope you're all doing well and don't catch a cold.. me myself am in the risk zone I think.. it's so hard deciding on outfits when the weather and temperature goes up and down like a jojo.

Take care now, see you soon!

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  1. Wow! The event looks super fun! I am glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Awh looks as if you had an amazing time :D I love the puri! ^^

  3. I had a great time with you guys ♡ Really! Love all those crazy photos, both our purikura and from Star Café ^^ Take care girl!

  4. Hello from Finland!
    I am sure this question have been asked many, many times before, so sorry ¨_¨. The question is that what kind of visa are you having atm and what kind of visas have you possibly have had before? thank you!